Serpentine Specialties

                                       Shipping and Sales Information

   Shipping of all animal's will be delivered via FedEx Priority Overnight and will arrive at your front door or business the very next day. The animals will be shipped in appropriately-sized insulated foam shipping boxes, and a 40 hr. heat pack will be added when cold weather conditions warrant doing so. Animals will not be shipped below 30 degrees.

* All snakes that are shipped are guaranteed to be properly sexed, healthy, and hatchlings will have eaten at least three times unless otherwise specified.

* Offspring can be reserved for a 25% deposit. The remainder of the payment must be made soon after the offspring hatch. This deposit is not refundable if you change your mind. If for some reason we do not produce the animals you have reserved, your deposit will of course be returned.

* Sometimes we will agree to hold animals for up to a month with a nonrefundable 25% deposit. Please note that this deposit is not refundable if the balance is not paid within a month.

* We accept PayPal, postal money orders, and personal checks. Animals will be shipped only after payment is received in full and have cleared.

* While the vast majority of our shipments go very smoothly and successfully, since these are live animals, there can always be the very slight possibility of something going wrong with shipping once in a very great while. If for some unforeseen reason you happen to receive an animal that is dead on arrival for some bizarre reason that is totally out of our control, please send us a digital image of the deceased individual within 24 hours of arrival and we will fully refund the cost of that animal or provide you with a replacement animal if you so choose. 

* We will not refund for the accidental death of animals left in a vehicle or container in the sun by the customer. Please be sure of the safety of your transportation/temporary housing procedures in advance of purchase. The customer must pay shipping or transportation costs if they choose to return an animal.

                                                     ** PAYMENT **

* We accept PayPal, postal money orders or personal checks. Please let us know when you send the payment so we can know when to expect it. We can not hold animals longer than one week(7 days), as this would be plenty of time for your payment to have arrived, unless noted otherwise.

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 As always, I thank you for doing business with Serpentine Specialties. I greatly value all of my customer's and always look forward to doing more business with you in the future as well. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed here at Serpentine Specialties.


    Sincerely, ~Douglas Mong