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                                                Snakes for Sale

   Honduran milksnakes 


tricolors (assorted hets)...$40 ..sold out until 2013

tangerines (assorted hets) ....$40 sold out until 2013

albinos (assorted phenotypes and hets)..$ 60 - $100... sold out until 2013

   anerythristics (no red pigment)..$40 sold out until 2013


ghosts (hypo x anerythristic)...$75-$100 ..sold out until 2013


ultra-light hypos (from extreme clutch) ...$150 each ...sold out 

aberrant hypos... pending 2013

extreme hypos  ...$175 each

  These extreme hypos are indeed some of THE most stunning extremes in the entire hobby!!! sold out 











hatchlings..$75 each, $150 per pair......sold out 


"high-yellow" line Florida kings

* This is an absolutely STUNNING adult that is a sibling to the hatchling in the photo above. As you can see, these are just insanely georgeous high-yellow floridana, and are simply as nice as they come!. It's actually hard to believe these are even the same exact type of snake in the photos!

* These are NOT hypomelanistic Florida kings! These are non-recessive morph animals that have been selectively bred for their stunning colorations, and they can vary uniquely as well from individual to individual.

 This particular line of floridana are noted for their exceptionally high-red, and/or orange/yellow coloration as hatchlings, especially on their cross-bars and sides. This gradually becomes very yellow, and/or orange, or even green/yellow as they mature into adulthood. They also develop a very pronounced amount of interband speckling as they mature. Some will retain a bit of this coloration that later turns to a very light peachy orange on their sides. These are some of the most stunning Florida kings (aka "Brook's" kings) available ANYWHERE..........period!




     Outer Banks kings

 2013 hatchlings...$325 per pair for classic normals. Pricing slightly higher for aberrant phenotypes according to the degree of aberrant patterning.     

* This specific line of "sticticeps" is derived from several very well-known bloodlines from Carl Bartlett, Bob Fengya, the late Lloyd Lemke, Jim Kane, and Howie Sherman.

   These founder-stock animals are all from locality wild-caught animals collected years ago from the Outer Banks Islands off the coast of North Carolina. Specifically from Cape Hatteras and Ocracoke Island in Dare and Hyde county. 


 A typical sub-adult Outer Banks king as it matures and lightens up with more basal speckling in its inter-banding.






      Corns & Ratsnakes


 hypo lavender corns.$35..sold out

 hypo/het lavender, poss. het anery corns.......$25 each...sold out 


       "Moonshine" Ratsnakes

dark phase morph... $125 each

 light phase morph... $125 each


"greenish" rat het... $50 each


Below: are the very same three snakes. These are now my adult breeder group and are not for sale


dark phase "moonshine" subadult


light phase "moonshine" subadult

 normal het "greenish" subadult 


 This is a newly-discovered locality-specific mutation was found in a wild population of naturally occurring intergrade Black x Yellow Ratsnakes. These are commonly known as "greenish" ratsnakes.

 This very unique t-positive morph originates directly from Horry County, S. Carolina, and are NOT man-made crosses whatsoever!

 The original mutant male was found in 2006 less than 140 yards from where the two normal "greenish" intergrade females were collected. Those breedings later proved this gene to be recessive in 2008 by my good friend Jim Godfrey. They just don't come any nicer or more authentic than these!

 For the entire interesting story regarding these very special and unique ratsnakes, please visit the "Future Projects" page and scroll down to the very bottom.




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